Energy, Environmental Engineering, Energy Supply

Modern technologies and continuous innovation – always with an eye on the global markets are important for the companies in environmental engineering and recycling.

The energy sector in Germany and worldwide is in change and faces constantly new challenges. The energy transition towards renewable energies is forced by politics as well as on behalf of reasons of environmental protection, yet it has to cover the energy need.

Regardless of the function – from developing engineers, manufacturing managers or general managers – to find specialists and executives with suitable qualification and professional experience in environmental and recycling engineering is a challenging assignment, which we would like to accept. Companies from the field of conventional energy generation are faced with the issue regarding their future positioning. The path to the future is only feasible with sustainable personnel able to adapt -This is our competence!


  • Consultants affine to the branch with longtime experience in practice, who often themselves worked in constructions and plant building or were executives responsible for staff of budget
  • Far-reaching contacts and networks in the branch and to key positions

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