Separation Processes and Outplacement Consulting

The world revolves relentlessly and things are in a state of flux. At the same time organizations develop just as much as the employees themselves.

Possibly one realizes that things are no longer fitting together. The atmosphere is permanently strained; one feels lonely and might even get sick.

In short: Things are agonizing and one is at a loss. The topics “dismissal” and “separation” are often being tabooed and their handling not openly discussed.

At first, a dismissal will be regarded as a threat to existence by the person concerned and often calls forth intense emotions. Consequently, separation processes are marked by management mistakes which cost the company a lot of money for legal disputes, decreases productivity, burdens the work climate and causes serious image damage.

We help to create a situation that allows for a fair and economically acceptable separation process whilst taking into account the labor law-related situation. As a result, the risk of litigation and subsequent damages are considerably reduced.


Sometimes separation processes are inevitable. In order for companies and clients to successfully deal with this difficult process we offer our assistance.

Thereby, excessive compensations or complaints in front of the labor court can be avoided. The company thus sets a positive example for social behavior even in a phase of separation.

Contents of the outplacement consulting are individually arranged and might include the development of a social plan, orientation seminars or preparation trainings for job interviews.

Call or write us. We will set up a private conversation.

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