Interview Guideline

A job interview ranks among the most important moment in the professional life. This conversation might possibly influence your professional perspective and thus the further course of your life!

However, interviewees are surprised that only a few candidates are seriously and meticulously prepared for job interviews and that only sparsely a clear negotiation strategy is observable. Candidates make an (often unsuccessful) effort for maximal, yet excessive, composure, which in the end comes across as indifference. At the other end of the spectrum, candidates get absorbed in a state of hyperactivity leading up to the edge of panic.

These signs of inexperience can be avoided or at least alleviated if the expected interview parts are prepared for.

Based on many years of experience, we have developed a guideline that should help you with your preparation, coupled with our assistance.

Should you be interested in this guideline, please give us a call or use our contact form.


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