Handling of Counter Offers

Employers and superiors essentially find themselves in a difficult situation when important employees want to leave the company.

Some companies are inclined to present a counteroffer, in order to gain some time. Behind it, it is almost always the attempt to gain more scope of action in order to find a replacement or another solution. The acceptance of a counteroffer, be it after a declared dismissal or only the imminent threat of a dismissal, is one of the most problematic career domains.

To that end, we would like to give you some advice for your decision, based on two decades of experience. Here, the fact that your career is not jeopardized has the priority for us. What matters is that you make the right choice between your current position and the prospective perspective, but that you do not bid for something in this situation that might compromise both options.

We would gladly have an open talk with you about all your relevant options and scenarios.

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