Executive Search for Executive Staff

Absolute discretion and high personal and professional competence, promptness, serious detail and research work are the characteristics of a good headhunter.

After 17 years of experience as personnel consultants and headhunters we proudly point out our successes in this tight and delicate market.

Use our experience in discrete search and contact of executives in order to make a vacancy public and fill it in only at the time when YOU want it!

All partners of the EXECUTIVE SERVICES GROUP are businessmen themselves and have worked for many years in executive positions. Further we use INSIGHTS MDI ® one of the best and well known personality and potential analysis tools in the world.


  • Experienced partners and senior consultants with many working years in the branch secure a suitable direct search
  • Long year discrete and successful direct search by an experienced team
  • All partners are themselves businessmen and are able to discuss with executives on the same level.

Contact Person Executive Search for Executive Staff

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