Coaching and career support

In companies we support specifically executives and specialists at the fulfillment of their daily tasks by coaching measures adapted to the corresponding demands.

We specifically support executives and specialists in the accomplishment of their daily tasks with coaching provisions that are matched to their personal needs.

Some of the reasons to start a qualified coaching process are new professional challenges, reflection and change of personal behavioral routines and individual support in executive functions.  In this way, successful coaching will contribute to the corporate development.

If necessary a specific conflict coaching is included, where reasonable action strategies for the reconciliation of conflicts are prepared case-by-case for both parties.

If you want assistance, we are pleased to summit a customized coaching offer.


  • Support by long year experienced and successful coaches and mediators who have themselves completed specialised studies or trainings
  • Due to synergy effects because of different locations and thematically different focuses even bigger staff developing measures can be achieved successfully in whole Germany
  • Use of INSIGHTS MDI ®, one of the best personality and potential analysis tools

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