Assessment seminar for female executives

Female executives are perceived differently in commercial enterprises. Ambitious women often have a hard time in the “business world” that is still dominated by men. Throughout their career they come across “invisible” barriers that slow down their own development or can even only be surpassed with a lot of commitment, professional competence and sure instinct.

The assessment seminar “Women power in a men’s world” is a diagnosis tool especially designed for women who already have managerial responsibility or are on their way to take on their first executive position.

Taking account of the special situation of women in commercial enterprises, individual insights and experiences are being conveyed in a 2-day seminar by means of special tasks, exercises and workshops.

Notably, we will deal with the optimization of your personal appearance and the impression you make on your male colleagues and superiors. Through the seminar, the female executives will learn the following:


  • How to I move as a woman among men?
  • Which reactions, often unverbalized, do I trigger?
  • How are the individual characteristics of my behavior revealed?
  • What defines me as a person?
  • What are my personal strengths, weaknesses and competences?
  • What kind of behavior promotes / inhibits my career development?

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