Show an interest in others if you want others to care for you!
(Baron Adolph Knigge, “On Human Relations”, 1788)

Our corporate standard for action is based on reciprocal appreciation. We bear responsibility for the economy and society, especially as a company. Stemming from this conviction, JK Personal Consult Ltd. has been involved in different (social) projects for many years and thus presents future generations and ideas an opportunity for development.


Wandern für Kinder e.V.Wandern für Kinder

We realized that around the world a lot of kids need our help. It is hard to believe, but also

in our area we have a lot of children in need who are in serious need of clothing or in need of their own bed, and some of these are suspected of having been victims of domestic violence.

We are therefore involved via an active membership in a hiking club which was established already in 1972. This association has been pursuing a good cause since 2005, organizing hike-a-thons for children in need in the region of northern Hessen.

Every 4 -6 weeks our active members organize these fund raising hikes, raising 0.50 Euro per hiked kilometre. The raised funds are paid into a donation account, and are provided at 100% to the cause. No administration fees or other organizational costs are deducted from the raised funds.

This is a cause for which we truly enjoy hiking.



World Vision Deutschland e.V.

world_vision1The awareness of our common global responsibility is realized by JK Personal Consult Ltd. among other things through the sponsorship of several children via World Vision Deutschland e.V. The work of World Vision enables a sustainable help for Third World children und is based on three pillars: development cooperation, disaster relief and (development) political advocacy work.

The help through our monthly contribution is threefold: The children, their families and the regions in which they live profit from the sponsorships. Thus we offer the children the chance of a proper school education and a better standard of living. Furthermore, the project work of World Vision also allows for medical care and access to drinking water.


SOS-Kinderdorf e.V.

SOS_Kinderdorf1For more than 50 years, SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. provides children and family support in Germany and all over the world.

Children are able to find a new home; adolescents are accompanied on their way to independence and an occupation. Handicapped people can find out in which area they can best develop and belong to. Families seek advice, young mothers meet like-minded people and elderly people avoid isolation. Initially, everyone, no matter their age, will be able to find a contact person in which they can confide in within the SOS-Kinderdorf facilities, and often enough they will find a community that helps and strengthens them.

JK Personal Consult Ltd. supports that cause with donations and thus helps children and adolescents, families and single parents to master their daily life and to look into a positive and secure future.



Malawi Aid

„We think that also children and adults from poor countries haveLogo Malawi-Hilfee.V. the right to get adequate medical care” Thus we support Malawi Aid – Schönwald e.V. (non-profit), which commits itself for 2 hospitals in Malawi. That way a children’s medical unit was built and enabled many destitute families and their children receiving medical treatments and medicine.