Jürgen Klemm
Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter
Jürgen Klemm, born 1961, is the executive associate and worked as a personnel manager and a distribution manager in the small and medium-sized firm sector as well as the large scale industry for more than 15 years after his business studies (main focus: human resources management). He was voluntary labor judge at the labor court since 1997. As from 01.08.2012, he has been appointed to the Hessian higher labor court as a voluntary labor judge.
Bert Schmeer
Senior Consultant
Bert Schmeer, born 1954, worked as a personnel manager in the small and medium-sized firm sector as well as the large scale industry 10 years after his socio-scientific studies (main focus: labor psychology). Since 1990 he is a management consultant. He successfully deals with teams and organizations in different sectors since then
Carsten Rohlfs
Senior Consultant / Prokurist
Carsten Rohlfs, born 1975, authorized representative and senior consultant is a specialist in the placement of professionals and executives and has worked as a recruiter in several large businesses. There he was able to assemble specific expertise with regard to the recruitment of personnel. Extensive experiences in the areas of direct search and direct approach characterize Mr. Rohlfs today.
Burkhard Beppler
Senior Consultant
After studying for his degree in business administration, Mr. Beppler has been working in human resource consulting for over 15 years. In addition to having placed specialists and executives in Germany, he has a wide range of experience in successfully placing the right candidates in international vacancies, particularly in Europe, Asia and South America.He has an extensive knowledge with regards to human resources in mechanical and plant engineering, the building supplies industry, medical technology and the packaging industry.
Tom Grenz
Senior Consultant
Based on legal studies and an additional academic education in enterprise management Mr Grenz is also a certified Human Resource Manager. He gained in - depth knowledge in project and company management  - especially in an international context. Another focus of his activities laid on the human resource development of foreign subsidiaries and venture capital companies as well as on the establishment of international consultant teams. Mr Grenz worked as interim manager and as team leader primarily in Eastern European countries. He advises enterprises in the occupation of managers and key-players.
Tobias Franke
After his education as a Management Assistant in Informatics  he gained manifold experience in the project management  area, personnel allocation as well as in sales. Overall he is certified Business Coach with focus on communication and target-oriented behavior. His daily work as a consultant is substituted by his additional vocational study of HR management. Main task within our team lies on the direct contacting of specialists and managers, as well as on the successful occupation of applicable positions.