Our Principal

The satisfaction of our clients influences our daily business.

If our client is satisfied so are we.

  • Client

Customer focus, empathy, social skills and a fair cooperation determine the values of our conduct.  Individual solutions are possible with foresight, calculable risk-taking and mutual decisions, thus creating an added benefit for the client.

  • Trust

We achieve a long-term customer loyalty through a high identification with the employer. We live our values and communicate the success of our work. These things establish trust for our clients, facilitate the acquisition of candidates and employees and promote our appreciation within the market.

  • Employees

The long-term affiliation of our employees to the company is achieved through a high appreciation, openness and identification with the company. A constant transfer of knowledge, active feedback, professional team work and a trustful cooperation are the basis for a consistent high quality of our work results.

  • Management

Liability and continuity of decisions define our daily management. We allow for scopes of action and foster personal responsibility. Innovativeness and willingness to perform are put into reality. A continuous employee development as well as a performance-oriented compensation are a given for us.

  • Ecomonic success

JK Personal Consult Ltd. Delivers customer-specific products and services. Promptness, flexibility and a fair cost-performance ratio lead to economically attractive projects.

Thereby we ensure success and our employments!